Think Green with Blaze


And Improve Your Bottom Line

Blaze produces the Hottest and Safest canned heat, but did you know that Blaze is also organic, biodegradable and 100% recyclable? Blaze has always been the leader in the canned heat industry. A proud environmentally responsible company using sustainable resources, we have been conserving, reducing, reusing and recycling for over 30 years.

As the industry leader, we adopted good manufacturing business practices now called “green” which include conserving resources, resources, reducing waste and operating efficiently to produce a smaller carbon footprint. All our products are produced in the USA using natural and reclaimed raw materials from American manufacturers.


We start each batch with 200-proof ethanol which insures the highest BTU’s for a Hot, Clean, Safe buffet. Our ethanol is clean burning, long lasting, biodegradable without any toxins, and reaches the boiling point faster than any other canned fuel.


We are the only chafing dish fuel manufacturer that is ISO 9001 certified by NSF assuring product reliability, quality and consistency in every┬ácan. Underwriters Laboratories verifies Blaze fuel products are manufactured to UL safety requirements. And Blaze’s product standards meet Kosher certification inspections.



  • Produces the only organic, jelled chafing dish fuel. Ethanol is clean burning, odor free and non-toxic with no harmful emissions. This ensures an enjoyable buffet experience for our customers and repeat business for the operator.
  • Clear Wick is the only clear, stackable container. You will always know how much fuel is in the can.
  • Is the only ISO 9001 Certified fuel manufacturer. This assures our customers of product reliability, highest quality and consistency in every can.
  • Is the only Kosher-certified manufacturer. We meet all the strict Kosher guidelines.
  • Products are all made in the USA from raw materials produced in the USA