Many of you have probably experienced some of the problems winter has caused for people this year – bursting pipes, auto accidents, health issues, etc. We hope you are all taking measures to stay warm, safe, and healthy!

Here are a few tips we hope will help you through this harsh winter:

  • Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow heat to enter and keep pipes from freezing.
  • Keep a small, continuous stream of water running from the cold water faucet (the size of the water stream should be about the size of a pencil).
  • Locate the water shut-off valve in advance. This is the valve that controls the flow of water into the house. It’s usually located near the hot water heater, in the basement or utility closet. Turning off the water in he event of a burst pipe can minimize the damage.
  • Cover the vents to crawl spaces.
  • If exterior faucets have shut-off valves inside, be sure to turn these off and open the exterior valve so it can drain out.
  • If you have a vacant home or building, set the heat to above 58 degrees.
  • Do not leave space heaters unattended to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Keep a first aid kit and blanket in your car in case of emergencies.
  • Review your home and auto insurance policies to be sure you are covered in the case of a burst pipe or auto accident.
  • Keep distance from those you know are sick and wash your hands often.
  • Disinfect door and cabinet handles at your home and office, as well as office supplies, such as staplers, that are used by various people. Disinfectant wipes are an easy and effective way to do this.

Everyone at BLAZE Products wishes you a safe and warm winter!