The Hottest Name in Chafing Dish Fuel

Blaze Ethanol Chafing Dish Fuel
Various size and packs – Environmental Friendly!

  • This traditional jelled fuel, produced from pure 200° alcohol and boasting 1,630 BTU’s, is the hottest, longest burning product on the market.
  • BLAZE offers you 12.5% more product than our competition and is available in 200 grams
  • 72 ct. per case, 48 ct. per case, 24 ct. per case, 12 ct. per case, gallons – 4 per case and 2 5/8 oz. – 144 ct. per case.

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Ethanol Jelled:
This is the hottest and longest-burning fuel on the market.
BTU Per Hour Per Can: 1630