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Where can I buy BLAZE canned fuel?

Retail: You may purchase all your fuel needs directly from this site using our online store or you may purchase online from Amazon.

Food Service: You may purchase directly from Blaze with a minimum order of 5,000 pounds. If you are a distributor you may purchase from a Redistributor. If you are a Caterer, Club, Contract Feeder or Hotel/Resort you may purchase from a Food Service, Janitorial, or Paper Distributor.

What is canned fuel?

BLAZE canned fuel offers three different formulas. Jelled ethanol clean and green, methanol clean and cost efficient, and wick DEG (Liquid Diethylene Glycol) long lasting. All three products are used to heat and cook food, as well as a warming device.

How long will the canned fuel burn?

The ethanol and methanol formulas will burn for approximately 2 hours and the Wick-DEG fuels will burn up to 6 hours.

Does canned fuel have an expiration date?

It is recommended to keep BLAZE fuel no longer than three years. There is an expiration date on the bottom of our cans. You may refer to our SDS as well: Methanol Series SDS, Ethanol Series SDS.

Can I cook food using BLAZE canned fuel?

Absolutely! While the BTU’s are not as high as a gas cooking stove, BLAZE canned fuel will boil water, cook eggs, even grill your hamburger!

Where should I store my BLAZE canned fuel?

Keep products away from Children & Pets and away from any other ignition sources. Keep the Ethanol & Methanol jelled containers tightly closed and store in a cool (40-120) degrees Fahrenheit) dry & well – ventilated place.