The Clear Leader


BCP was founded in 1979 as a DSP (Distilled Spirits Plant) by the late Eugene F. Hoffmann, for the repackaging, processing and distribution of alcohol based products. In 1982, a new facility was constructed in Shelbyville, Kentucky. By 1984 a full line of alcohol-based chafing dish fuels, know as Blaze Products, were developed making the Company one of only two such manufactures in the United States. In 1998 the Company split the Alcohol and Blaze Production into two separate companies. In 2005, the alcohol Company was sold and BCP Inc. became the parent company of Blaze Products Corporation.

The Company boasts numerous achievements, most notably growing from a start-up corporation to one with multimillion dollar sales and a customer base that has expanded from regional to international in scope.

BCP has enjoyed many awards over the years including: Quality Award of Excellence 1992-1993; Quality Supplier Outstanding Support and Quality Vendor Award of Excellence in 1994; Quality Business of Excellence 1994-1995 and the QUBE Award 1995-1996. In 2000 and 2002 BCP received the Metro 100 award for Business/Family Partnership. 2002-2004 the Company received the ORO Award in recognition of exceptional quality and delivery performance. In 2003 Blaze received the Work/Life Alliance Designation and in 2005 Outstanding Vendor Award and Manufacturing Excellence in Quality.

Today you will find Blaze Chafing Dish Fuels coast to coast, as well as in Asia, Australia, Canada, across Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Our fuels are sold to institutional and retail distributors and are principally used by contract feeders, clubs, caterers, hotels and resorts to heat prepared food for banquets, buffets and catered functions.

BCP’s achievements could not have been accomplished without quality leadership, a dedicated and energetic work force, experienced consultants, reliable suppliers, a supportive community and most importantly our customers whom allow us to serve them. To meet the requirements of increased sales and remain competitive in the market, Blaze looks toward expanding their facilities and investing capital into operations that will have a direct and positive impact on the fuel business.



For 50 years, your choice was a steel or aluminun can. Blaze gives you Clear Wick, a unique, stackable container with The Clear Advantage


BLAZE is the sole manufacturer using 200-proof ethanol! This ensures that you and your customers will always have Hot Food


BLAZE is the only Kosher-certified manufacturer. All Blaze products meet the strict Kosher guidelines.


BLAZE ist the only ISO 9001 Certified Fuel manufacturer. You’ll be certain of consistency with every case you purchase.


BLAZE chafing dish fuel is UL tested. Starting your buffet with BLAZE guarantees you’ll have Safe, Hot Food.