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Hot. Clean. Safe.

Independent tests prove it - duraflame® Canned Fuel burns hot, clean and safe.


Hottest fuel with the highest BTUs; reaches the boiling point fast, keeps your hot food in the safe zone, above 140° F. Independent Lab Tested by Braun Intertec, Portland, OR.


Clean-burning, recyclable fuel; efficient and biodegradable.


ISO9001 certified, assures our customers of product reliability, highest quality and consistency in every can.
UL tested and meets all UL safety requirements.
3 cans

duraflame® Canned Fuels are for every occasion. Three fuels to chose from for all your entertaining, outdoor and emergency needs.

Our Canned Fuel, Canned Heat and Chafing Dish Fuel are used by top chefs at hotels, resorts, clubs and restaurants for catering, banquets and buffets.

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